Saying “thank you” really helps!

It raises our vibration to an appreciation level. And it also causes the recipient of our gratitude feel noticed and loved.




As you may have noticed, there is a picture of a cow just above. The reason for the cow is because cows, along with goats, sheep, oxen, deer, and camels are part of an animal suborder called ruminants. This means they have in their possession either a 3-chambered or 4-chambered stomach, and are characterized by chewing again what has already been chewed and swallowed. Chewing the cud, that’s why when you see any of the animals listed, they seem to always be chewing something. Even when they aren’t eating anything and there seems to be nothing around to chew…Somehow, they have something to chew about.

So then, now we come to the full definition of ruminate, all cows aside.

RUMINATE: to go over in the mind repeatedly and often slowly for an extended period of time

synonyms: chew over, consider, debate, deliberate, kick around, meditate, mull (over), question, think about, turn, weigh, wrestle (with)

When I read the definition and the synonyms I did see the word meditate and I did understand that the potential for rumination to be a positive activity…AA477094-C7E1-4F9A-8EC3-D4BF6FFB6C59


And this is a big but, I think more times than not we (and I only use we because I suspect I am not alone in this) tend to ruminate to our own demise. Maybe something like this; Thinking about a thing, maybe making some plans, albeit slightly prematurely, then thinking about it again and/or still. Then worrying about the plans we made, is that going to work out right? No. Well, what if, oh that would be awful! What am I going to do if that happens?! Because if he does that then I will be screwed, and maybe I should just, no no no, that won’t work. Shoot! ah, what am I going to do? I’ve got to figure this out. Trying to sleep, tossing and turning, chewing and swallowing…or going over and over and over the past, time and time again. Regretting, grieving, blaming, feeling it, tasting it, swallowing it all over like its brand new grass!                                                                                             And on and on it goes. Forever chewing. Even when there is not anything really around to chew about; we can like our cow friends, produce from within something to chew about. You better believe it! Or like Mom used to say, I’ll give you something to chew about!  She said something like that.

Here’s the thing, I, we, only have one stomach (mine gets nervous and upset very easily incidentally), one body, one life, and one here and now. So to consume this mind, stomach, life, and present moment, with worrying and fretting and chewing things that have already been chewed or that haven’t even been eaten yet, or that DO NOT EVEN EXIST is such a waste of valuable time and  precious energy.

Here are some ideas I’ve come up with whilst grazing in the pasture:

visualize the cow.  In other words be aware of how the mind is running away with us, take a minute to notice and observe the mental cow that is our brain.

complete digestion. Recognize the issue, define it, and digest it.

let it go.  Arguably the most difficult part of this process, accepting that we have done all we can, planned the best we are able, and that anything and everything else from this point on, at this moment, is out of the scope of our control.

trust.  We want to control, we want to fix things, and sadly, our mind wants to constantly chew. But we can trust that once we have addressed what needs addressing on a very practical real level, that the rest will work out as it does and that it will be okay. It will be as it meant to be. Excessive chewing will not change that. It only serves to rob us of the quality of the present moment, and cause our jaws to  be sore and tired.

BREATHE.  Even cows do it (breathing I mean). Worrying, over thinking, obsessing, they are habits, patterns of the human mind. It may take us some time to train and guide our grass chewing brains to relax, and understand, and rest in a still quiet place. That’s the beauty of our consciousness and I’m sure our bovine cousins share this feature. We can from within, supply ourselves with just as much peace and stillness as we should ever want to chew on. We only need to keep bringing it up.




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my religion is LOVE

my practice is KINDNESS 

These are not big announcements, nor proclamations, nor implications about anyone who would not say this same thing.

There are many announcements to make. There are many identities from which to choose. I am Christian, Muslim, black, white, gay, a police officer, a greaser, a republican, and on and on. These are all different and wonderful categories of “types of people”. But beyond that, what are they? Do any of them in and of themselves speak to who we are really? To some of us, maybe some of them represent a deep belief. But to examine closely we might find that these titles, if we are not attached to something deeper, separate us from each other. Devices to identify me as me or as part of this group. A group, by the way, that YOU are not a part of. So how do these names and suits serve us? Do they speak positively in our actions towards one another? Towards our selves. Are they helping us find peace internally or externally? Probably not…Are they doing the opposite? Sometimes? All the time? maybe.

my religion is LOVE

my practice is KINDNESS

These are not big announcements, nor proclamations, nor implications about anyone who would not say this same thing.

These are only thoughts and words. Words to be said as a mantra. Words to say inside as a meditation. Words to let swirl through the crowded corridors of the mind.  Words to feel as feelings,  feelings to settle into the deep hollow of the belly… An idea to breathe in and breathe out.

Just thoughts to plant as seeds, to nourish, to wonder at how they may grow into a way to see ourselves and others.

It is our task to build a Sangha, to build a church in such a way that the Holy Spirit, that mindfulness, should prevail so that tolerance becomes possible and that understanding becomes possible in order to make compassion possible.  This you practice for peace and you practice for our children and grandchildren. Let us practice breathing with the sounds of the bell. – Thich Nhat Hanh – Going Home, Jesus and Buddha as Brothers.



First of all, let me just say, I love this word. The sound of it, the look of it, I love it. It is intriguing and compelling, it gives a feeling like you know what it means, even if you do not. It carries in its very usage implication and insinuation. So, big fan of the word. But now, the definition;

capitulation: the act of surrendering or yielding; the terms of surrender

Synonyms: surrender, cession, handover, relinquishment, submission, submitting  

hmmmmm…I feel intimately familiar with the act of capitulation. The synonyms ring with the vibration of uncomfortable truth; surrender, handover, submission (yikes).  Right away, I am able to rationalize and give explanations of situations and circumstances where capitulation is called for and maybe even necessary in order to resolve  difficulties, disagreements, or arguments. Sure, of course, but upon closer consideration and examination; some questions begin to crop up. I will phrase the questions I am thinking of in terms of “we” because I suspect that I am not the only one that might benefit from this line of questioning.

Do we as individuals, often reliquish our desires, needs, or ideals?

Are we giving away our rights in a hundred little ways under the guise of  “keeping the peace” or to just avoid any conflict that could potentially arise?

Have we become accustomed to not setting clear boundries? (or maybe we define them clearly but habitually let others cross them or do away with them all together)

Is it possible that we choose this somewhat easier more comfortable path because we possess an ingrained belief that our wants, needs, ideas, plans, and goals aren’t as valid or important as everyone elses? 

…Or is it because we lack confidence in our ability to take a stand and fear how we will be percieved by others in doing so?

I for one find that the answers to all these questions is a resounding YES!  And though I am and will always be a huge proponent of considering the feelings and needs of others, I am recently coming to the understanding that I am just as worthy of consideration as everyone else. I am seeing that I if I always surrender my needs and ideals, that I am in fact teaching myself and others that I really don’t believe I am important and valuable.

So if you are part of the WE that answered YES to the above questions…


Let us make a practice of considering our own needs right along with everyone else’s.

Let us prove to ourselves with our choices and decisions that we believe in our self-worth and value.

When we give something away, let us do it consiously, with an awareness of why and confront those reasons honestly and make corrections and adjustments where they are needed.

For far too long, we as sensitive, compassionate, loving beings (and I think women may be more prone to this then men) have been taught by our culture, upbringing, and the media that we are supposed to put our wants and needs on the backburner, so much so that we might not even be totally aware of what our needs and wants are anymore. Losing sight of who we are as holy, beautiful, perfect, treasured beings. We are not less or more than anyone else.

So I will say this, it is time to shed any and all tendancies towards serial capitulation. We will not be all that we want to be, nor will we be able to provide the love and care to others with our full potential engaged until our  love of self  is fully realized and made perfect.




Why does having a blog make me so nervous? What is the big deal? What is this long anxiety ridden process that goes on in my mind before I can even post an article? Why do I want to throw it out and start over before I have even really begun???


Well what?

Are you going to answer the questions?

Oh, I thought they were just kind of vague whoa is me questions that don’t really come with answers. I figured they would just sort of lay around in my mind and then ultimately result in me shutting down this blog as I have done the past.

Nope. Answers. Now.

Really? Okay, so why does having a blog make me so nervous?

Well, I think it is because deep down in my gut I am ready to fail. And by fail I mean quit. Just stop doing it. And that deep down in my gut place doesn’t want to face yet again the long standing belief that I lack determination, passion, drive, and at the end of the day I am just lazy. So I am nervous about the blog proving what everything I start and don’t finish proves; I am still the same as when I was a kid. Depressed, lazy, and mediocre at best. It’s like the old saying, you can’t teach an old blog new tricks.

Wow, that was harsh. But good answer. That felt really honest to me.

Yeah, thanks, I almost cried.

Yeah. So next question.

Right. So what is the big deal?

The big deal is that I make it a big deal in my mind! That’s the big deal!

Okay… Maybe stop doing that. Because it is actually not a big deal. You currently have 3 followers, one of which is you. I mean every blog has it’s day, but this is not that day. Relax.

Ah, got it. Now. What is this long anxiety ridden process before any posting of content takes place?

I just worry worry worry about what message I’m sending. If this or that fits the original intention I had set out for this blog. Who is reading it and if they will approve or disapprove. Am I showcasing my writing ability appropriately? Do I come off crazy? Smart? Enlightened? Lame?

Yes, yes, all of that. But who cares?! You love writing. So just write (right or wrong). See what I did there? Be yourself. And again, just a reminder, 3 followers. Calm down. Breathe. You’re making it way more than it is. Quit poking it with a stick. It will grow into what you want it to be.

Thanks, that was helpful. I am genuinely beginning to feel a little better about it. Why do I want to throw it out and start over before I have really begun?

Oh, I know this one for sure! It has to do very much with the first question and answer. I think that I know what it is I know about myself, because I’ve known me for over 40 years now. And what I am is scared and nervous and insecure and I never finish what I start. I am full to the brim with great ideas, desires, plans, and potentials. But no stamina, endurance, patience, or energy. Which is why at the end of the day… this blog don’t hunt.

HOLY CRAP! NO WAY! There is no way, I mean no #*%@ING way you are getting by with all that negative, outdated, I’m still in my early thirties, whiny, shaky legged, victim mentality, weak ass self-talk. No, not today. You have come too far, learned too much, and proven in so many ways for so many years that you are not that person. You haven’t been for a long time if you ever were. The fact is someone or a few someones told you and taught you that you were those things and you believed them and spent the first almost half of your life LIVING it and proving it. But that is over now. Its been over. Accept it, let it go. Move on. You are strong, smart, talented, inspired, and do not need the approval of anyone to live your life doing what you love and love doing it. Just let this blog thing be. Write it how you feel it. Do what you want. It will develop as you go just like you. Seeds take time remember. You cant keep digging them up, casting them aside and then planting new ones, only to dig them up again. It does’t work that way.

Let sleeping blogs lie.

be gentle, patient, and encouraging. all that is needed is to give yourself the love and nurturing that you give to others.

And if one Day a Week We Focus on Blessings…

Seeds of gratitude go a long way.

Recognizing, and then focusing all of our attention on the blessings around us, brings about a temporary shift in our perception. Give it a whirl! Notice abundance instead of lack, highlight health rather than illness, trumpet opportunities over problems, try on appreciation, and leave worn out complaints for another day. We may see that the world we create looks and feels a little different on Thursdays.


So this, actually is not intended to be an agricultural blog. One where I boast endlessly  about my extensive  knowledge of farming, and the ins and outs of how seeds planted under the proper conditions, and of course given the right amount of you guessed it, time, will grow into the plentiful harvest of the mature fruit that they represented.

No, no, regrettably I have little insight to offer on the farming trade. I know just enough, I would say, to adequately employ its terms in a budding and ground breaking metaphor. That’s right, I  pulled my seed cart away from the store front of the literal and plunged fearlessly  into the uncharted waters of…or no, wait, rather I pulled my seed cart away from the store front of the litereral and rode bravely into the untamed frontier of the symbolic and metaphorical…for the sake of the title.

So my apologies to anyone who might have stopped by with the high hopes of reading some stimulating and relatable content on the trials and tribulations of the a fore mentioned industry. Or who may have pinned their expectations to the presumption that they would be gleaning a few timely and seasonally relavent tips on propagation and germination. Sorry.

Right, so if this first post is to be that post where I introduce you the reader to my blog page and attempt to define my intentions so that you can accurately muster up the appropriate amount of interest, which is feeling like a great deal of pressure by the way, I should probably get started.

Long story short, the word “seeds” in the title is just a metaphore for thoughts, information, ideas, concepts and things of that nature. I know, deep right? Then, the word “time” is a metaphor for uh…oh okay, no actually, time isn’t a metaphore here. Time is just literally time. OKAY. To recap; seeds equal thoughts, new ideas, blah blah blah, and time is still just time.

And I guess that’s it really. I would like to offer “seeds”, whenever it is convenient and comfortable for me of course, into the fertile soil of your hearts and minds. Then the “time” comes in, playing itself in this role, and some of those little bits of whatever they were may begin to grow into new ways of looking at things and possibly develop into useful, beneficial beliefs (also playing themselves in this explanation).

close preface 

Thank you.